Thursday, October 1, 2009

The public option: do not give up hope or your dissatisfaction for the lack of it!

Interesting (and encouraging) post from Maggie Mehar, making a point once again that the Senate Bill is not everything. SOMETHING just needs to pass so that it can be debated in conference, at which time the administration just needs to realize that:

1. They cannot pacify the conservatives - the conservatives will never be happy unless the status quo remains or the incumbent parties benefit at the cost of the disadvantaged

2. So if you cannot make the conservatives happy, the best thing you can do is make someone happy, that someone being the average Americans and your voters, because without a real change that cuts costs and makes health care accessible to everyone, NO ONE will be happy.

Maggie puts it best here:
President Obama and White House budget director Peter Orszag understand that if health insurance isn’t affordable, reform becomes a sham. The political penalty for promising what you can’t deliver would be steep. Thus they understand that for health care reform to work they must do what Massachusetts didn’t do: reduce the cost of care before rolling out full coverage.

So if you're upset at the lack of the public option in the Senate Bill, please continues to voice your concerns to your representatives, and do not give up just yet. The only thing that really matters is that the public option make it out of conference, and your voice can make that happen.

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