Thursday, October 8, 2009

Analyzing Glenn Beck...

Glenn Beck recently did an interview with Katie Couric. I would post a link here but, really, Glenn Beck has more than enough air time as it is, and I would hesitate to contribute to alerting more people about Glenn Beck because if someone does get hurt because of what he says, I would feel guilty.

But watching the interview I understood why people listened to him and believed what he said - He really appealed to the frustration of the common man and combined that with sound bites to manipulate people's beliefs and behaviors. Manipulate is a strong word, but it was much deserved for Glenn Beck. Much of what he says lacks evidence but is fueled with strong words, all of which totaled up to irresponsibility. Responsible media would not give idiots airtime and paint them up to be experts on the matter (like Betsy McCaughey or angry mobs at town hall meetings - whoever yells gets to be on TV!), but putting Fox's dirty paws aside, if Glenn Beck is such a government buster like he makes out to be, he needs to bust with facts and not hate words. Otherwise, he's a big fat hypocrite in the hypocritical world of government that he sets out to burn.

Katie Couric, on the other hand, is quite genius. She was always calm and collected, but more than that she busted Glenn Beck many times, not with accusations but simply with questions, fair and square questions. On another level, she humanized him with personal questions that showed him to be a normal, vulnerable human being - like a wounded enemy you can't sucker punch in your right mind. She showed Glenn Beck as he is - a manipulative, irresponsible bag of hate words - but Glenn Beck, watching the interview, wouldn't be able to point the finger at Katie Couric.

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