Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Good and the Bad Betsy McCaughey

I guess when you watch or listen to Betsy McCaughey and you know the least bit about the truth that is out there, you know she's full of crap - but how full of crap is she? Read this interesting article about the facts on Betsy McCaughey to find out.

I think people in health care and NGOs can read this article and fully understands the magnitude of the lies and exaggerations from McCaughey, since they know what things are really like from observing their every day work. We know PhDs don't call themselves doctors in front of patients or national television, because that is simply misleading. We know that any good NGO collaborates with others to achieve their goals - it only makes sense to put our heads and resources together, instead of doing nothing and claim credits on other people's work.

The media needs to stop rewarding her attention-seeking behavior and covers real organizations that make a difference and needs real funding to back that up.

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