Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's speech and Ted Kennedy's letter - an inspiration

Obama's address to the joint session of congress tonight, and the full length Ted Kennedy's final letter to Obama mentioned in the speech.

I hope these messages can help us reach deep down inside, underneath the superficial values of right wing/left wing, to the simple moral values of helping another human being in need. I think underneath all the scare tactics and lies that muddle the conversations, we just need to ask ourselves - are we really willing to let our friends and neighbors die just because they are less unfortunate than we are, just because they do not make as much money as we do? For the same reasons most people would stop from going about our day to help a dying person, maybe in a car crash or in a medical emergency, I think we could learn to give up a little bit of ourselves, our money, to help others dying from lack of health care.

Please forward widely. The time for change is now, or most likely never.

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