Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Written in October

I’m quite depressed…

Mostly because of the world and where it is heading of late…

The economy is in a slump worldwide, potentially because of the action of one man or the decisions of only one country, although I do hope that it takes more than one man for the world to collapse

Thailand is at a political impasse, because the supposedly-intelligent minority is so fixated on the hatred of one man that it is willing to undo years to democracy that my parents and our ancestors have fought for…

People seem to be meaner and ruder to each other, both on the national level and the personal level…

Why is it that human accomplishment is measured with a house and 2 cars, and why do the majority of us strive for such an arbitrary measure when they know it is unattainable for them?

Why is it that people pay tons of money to have a wedding, when that money can be put to better use, like paying for our children’s education, if not spent on others who need it more than we do?

Why must there be cakes at wedding? Why must brides wear white dresses? Why are wedding rings made of diamonds?

Because De Beers picked a random gem and said they are forever? Sounds like a lousy reason to allow for diamond-funded massacre in Africa.

Why are our decisions based on conformism, and not on reasons?

Why aren’t human life goals to help others, to help our own kind, to make a difference, to be missed when we are gone?

Aren’t these more sensible than wedding cakes?

What can we accomplish with making a million dollars before the age of 25? With living in a nice apartment on the Upper East Side? With a huge rock on the left ring finger?

With having a house and 2 cars?

The guy 2 doors down probably won’t even know we have it, and he definitely could not care less if it were gone.

This Christmas, I wish for a world where people are nicer to one another, because that would be the reasonable thing to do.

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