Saturday, September 27, 2008

The first presidential debate

First of all, I want to acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who won the debate. I don't think anyone has the authority to call it, and the only thing that really matters is which candidate, as a whole package, will win the election.

I felt like I was going into this debate biased, and I do feel that to the unknowing eye it may seem that McCain knows more about foreign policy, but I would definitely pick Obama as a leader in foreign policy. McCain may seem more confident and assertive to some, but to me he was rude - interrupting the moderator and Obama when it was not his turn. He was also condescending. Do you see the independent line dips down whenever McCain starts being derogatory? It's because it was rude and was not presidential-like. Imagine him saying that to other world leaders - how would they feel? I think Obama is definitely more suitable to be a leader, as shown by his character in the debate tonight. He was polite. He tried not to interrupt McCain until McCain got out of hand. He was humble enough to acknowledge someone when they are right, and even though McCain rudely repeated over and over again that "Obama doesn't understand," Obama never stooped to McCain's level. He was polite to McCain the whole debate. Even though such decency was not returned, Obama kept his integrity and never stooped to McCain's level. Now that is character.

McCain seemed stuck and stubborn like Bush and want to keep pouring resources into a war with a country that has nothing to do with us. The issue of the iraq war is just a stupid pride for McCain, who basically says I don't care what this war is all about, and even though we started it without a good reason, we have to keep plowing through to win it so we don't lose face. What Obama said is right - no mother should have to lose a son, no young man should be without a limb - enough is enough. We don't spend trillions of dollars and gazillion human limbs on stupid pride - we spend it for freedom, for safety, of the US and the world as a whole.

Many other points were touched on but basically experience is not everything. Experience can be provided to the president by advisors - that's what they are for. It is the judgment that matters, and I think Obama has way better judgment than McCain.

And threatening to not show up to the debate? It's like pulling out of a deal that both sides (along with the whole country) already agreed on. If McCain can't multitask and quit every time he's overwhelmed, he's not going to survive as a president.

And the cherry on top of a fantastic cake - Palin interview with Katie Couric:

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