Friday, August 17, 2007

The Craziness that is India

After months of roughin' it and no internet in the middle of India (which you can call nowhere), I now have internet for almost 6 full days! There is so much I can say/tell you about India, but all I will say is below:
1. I saw scrotums the size of basketballs every 2 days. Once we accumulate quite a few, the surgeon comes to pop the enlarged scrotums because they are filled with fluids - it's like popping water balloons. If you squish too hard the people around the surgery table get splashed, just like Songkran.
2. There's a place called Osho, where people pay to meditate in a lavish garden, walled off and smacked right in the middle of raging poverty. An entry requirement, apart from the fact that you have to pay up, is an HIV test. You will have sex either because you come to Osho to do so or because they will seduce you. I was gonna peer in for some free porn but then I remembered I didn't want free porn =|
3. I saw this 70 year old lady with cellulitis so bad they cut all the skin around her right arm off - her arm now looks like that of the mummy when he's killed almost enough human beings to be flesh-filled once again. All you see is red muscles and their tendons underneath - no skin, no fascia, and that's gotta hurt like a mother (love you Mom =D). I don't know how she's still alive with that humongous wound and that age of hers, but I'm glad she is.
4. When I was in a taxi in Bombay, a boy was running on the sidewalk to fly his kite and he fell into a sewage hole because there's no lid on it. I saw him fall and disappear into the hole while the other kids just looked on like they didn't even see it. For a while I thought I was hallucinating, although I probably wouldn't hallucinate something so horrible. By the time I realized what had happened I could no longer see or remember which hole he fell into, since every other hole had no lids either. I hope he's ok.
Tell me that's not crazy.

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